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  • Probability
    • Basic Concepts: Sample Space, Events
    • Densities and Distributions
    • Normal Probability, z-scores
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Poisson Probability

  • Descriptive statistics
    • Descriptive Analysis of data
    • Graphs and charts
    • Histograms

  • Inferential Statistics
    • Means, variances, populations, samples
    • Confidence Intervals.
    • Z-test, T-test, F-tests and Chi-Square Tests
    • ANOVA, Factorial ANOVA, MANOVA
    • Linear and non-linear regression

  • Non-parametric Statistics
    • Sign Test
    • Wilkinson Tests
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test
    • Spearman Correlation Coefficient
    • Run Tests

  • Statistical Softwares
    • SPSS
    • Minitab
    • PHStat2
    • Excel
    • Matlab
    • Mathematica
    • R and S-Plus
    • Tree Plan
    • MegaStats
    • POM/QM
    • Stata