There are plenty of stress sources for college students. But one of the strongest one is not having completed their homework on time. It happens with all subjects, but I have seen it specifically in my practice as a Stats instructor. Not having their statistics homework answers on time makes them run to the library to try to find those missing pieces, or some even venture out of campus looking for a tutor.

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Fear Not, You have all You Need

Often times, students do not realize they have all the material their need in the course notes. Many instructors, like me, will be providing notes typically available online. And then, students only need to pay attention. Homework typically count a small portion of the final grade, but students will stress any way. Most of them have stringent grade requirements to be accepted at specific professional schools, to become doctors or lawyers. That is why they stress so much about their stats answers.

They will even go the extent of taking pictures of their homework and send them to friends to try to get answers. Frequently to no avail, as their peers tend to be equally lost. And the ones who are not may not want to share.

Statistics HW

Statistics Homework Answers Websites

It then comes the time where students, in desperation, will go to extreme measures. They will go to statistics forum where questions and answers are posed, but yet typically, those forums are populated for instructors or even professors who will not help. I mean, when a student asks outright for solving her question, those reputed forum members will give them a hint, but they will reject doing the work for her. And it is clear why.

Then, it is likely that the student will get frustrated and will start thinking “oh, I’m gonna fail this class”. Such thing is possible. Failing is not out of the real of possibilities, especially if a student is falling behind in her homework.

The Quest for a Stats Tutor

Students can be relentless, when they have the right motivation. They feel that their future is at the stake, and they need a good grade to be admitted at their preferred school. So it is natural that they will considering all the options, including asking a tutor for answers. They will tell the tutor to give them the answers to their assignments, and the tutor, not knowing whether or not they are allowed to get help with those specific questions, will likely comply.

I am not against those statistics websites that provide answers to students. Ultimately, getting a tutor to solve a problem and seeing the solutions done professionally is not too bad. Ultimately the same as seeing such answers in the back of the textbook. The problem could be if the students do not do anything with those answers, in terms of trying to learn from them. Ultimately, stats HW services (such as and many, many others) can be a real wealth of resources for students, only that need to be properly used by them, in the right context.

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