I hear that all the time: students are lost and cannot follow pace to the their Stats coursework. Students will then fell totally hopeless and will ask their private tutors “can you do my statistics homework?”. But wait, they won’t really ask so blatantly. They will ask instead “can you do this problem?”, then “can you do this other one”. And so on.

So how can teachers know that it was actually the student who actually completed the assignment? The answer is they can’t. That is a weakness of our educational system. But how can we turn that weakness into a strength? There are many alternatives that we are going to discuss them on this article.

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Is Homework Really Necessary?

Research is mixed up in terms of conclusively establishing that homework strengthens learning. Indeed, there are different systems across the globe in which different weight is giving to homework, from not much weight at all (predominantly Europe) to a lot of weight (the US). Using HW’s as a way of marking some sort of a learning checkpoint is great, but what use is there for that if some students may feel tempted to get their homework done online for them.

I have always been an advocate of a system in which content is presented at a flexible pace, without the need of homework, to only be checked at the end of the course period with an oral exam, in front of a white board. I think it is ultimately that is the only feasible way for things to be functional, considering that with the current type of system we have, students have the incentive even to pay someone to take their test for them.

Stats Class

Statistics and Math Learning

Stats and Math in general can be a crucial skill in the professional development of any student. But that will only be the case if the student really acquires a sharp enough sense of critical thinking. Our system needs to entice students to think, rather than having the type of content we have today, in which mostly all material at the undergraduate level is based on formulas, and not based on real critical thinking.

We need to entice our students to understand that although they can pay a tutor to solve their Stats Homework, that in itself is pointless if the students will not acquire those skills themselves, and won’t be able to apply them in real life.

It is a challenge to change our system. But it can be done if we have the right direction in terms of what kind of contents we wants our students to master.

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