What can we say to those who are struggling with elementary statistics? The people who are taking these beginning statistics classes are often the ones who most need help, as opposed to people taking more advanced stats. Intermediate and advanced statistics classes are typically related to programs that either require a high level of math to get into in the first place, or are taken by people who have already succeeded at earlier statistics classes and thus are not struggling any more, if they ever did.

But people who are taking a beginning statistics class are typically those meeting statistics for the first time, who have not chosen a math-intensive program, who are not math people but rather social sciences or humanities people, who have to take stats for a requirement in college or often to finish high school. People nowadays have to take the equivalent of Stats 101 almost regardless of their degree program or major, and these people, like you, need help from the very beginning.

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I Need Help, What Do I Do??

When you are really stuck, you simply need assistance, and despite the fact you might not like homework, this is an activity where you get to work these problems out and where you have the chance to get help. Even though you may think you should be able to do it alone, don’t be afraid to seek elementary statistics homework help.

The field of statistics requires a different way of looking at the world. It is the science of uncertainty, and is therefore important in almost all of the human disciplines. Even history majors need stats. Why? This is because in life almost nothing is certain, but the need to predict the future with a certain level of certainty is universal. In fact, the survival of living and non-living organisms depends on it.

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This is where statistics comes in. What if you could predict with a high level of certainty how a decision you make today will affect you five years from now, using information from how similar things have worked in the past? We attempt to do this constantly when we make decisions, but statistics allows to do it in a structured and repeatable way, using proven tools that allow us to know how certain we are in our predictions.

This is amazing! Now are you starting to see why you need to take elementary statistics even if you don’t like it? Regardless of your motivation, if you are among the 63% of people who report struggling at math, finding a tutor or other help with your elementary statistics work can really get you over the hump. You don’t need to let these stats classes interrupt your career trajectory. Seeking stats help could be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

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